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Oof! August finally felt like summer: beautiful, warm, sunkissed days, enhanced by the sweet sound of kids playing outside, outdoor barbecues with family and friends...and tennis.

You may recall that after at least 20 years away from the game, I bought a new racket and took a lesson last month. This month I signed on for a weekly 90-minute cardio/tennis class. Before I knew it, I was playing round robin with other tennis-playing gals and even winning a doubles match or two! I still practice my yoga, but am really enjoying this hard-playing sport again. I think I'm hooked…

When I wasn't playing tennis, I was adding the final touches to my CD. You have heard that refrain before, but I mean final! “Deeper”’s official release is set for early October! I am so thrilled with this album, end-to-end, and its beautiful title song. My friend and perfection-obsessed producer, Abe LaMarca, did a fabulous job and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

Meanwhile, I sang with Abe at a special event at The Hard Rock Rocksino, as part of the Les Paul Big Sound Experience, and performed with him at several private events with the big band. It’s always fun to work with Abe!

Midway through the month, I enjoyed putting up my dear friend, Bud (from LA), for four days. His visit included a fun, mini-high school reunion at our house, a family barbecue, a yoga class and some entertaining lunches and dinners. We never stopped! A natural comedian, Bud keeps me laughing around the clock. That talent, coupled with unmatched warmth and kindness, makes him a favorite around here. How I wish that he still lived in Cleveland!

Ed and I got together for dinner this month with my out-of-town friend Roz and her husband Bob, and later, with Ed's high school classmates, Dale and CeCe, visiting from North Carolina. We also enjoyed a very lively meal with new and old friends, Gary, Katie and Bev in Kent, OH.

After seeing him in July, we felt blessed to have our eldest son fly in from LA, for a whole week. He was in town to work on a 60-minute pilot that he will be filming here in Cleveland. I do look forward to being a part of that!

More recently, my amazing 90-year-old mother has been staying with me while she recovers from carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand. Now into her second post-op week, she is improving daily. She’s unbelievable--did I say she was 90?

The month ended with the grand opening of three new Cleveland restaurants: Crop Stix, Crop Rocks and On Air: The Studio. These new spots, on the east bank of The Flats, are adding great food, great fun and much excitement to this vibrant area on the Cuyahoga River. Rumor has it you'll be hearing a lot more about them... Hint: I will be unveiling several events to take place at On Air in the very near future. Details coming soon!

Having enjoyed only one month of true summer days this season, we’re hoping for an Indian summer, when all the trees in these parts make for a truly spectacular sight.

I’ll let you know if that wish comes true next month!