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The Weather Channel 7/13/2015
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The month of June began and ended with rain…with plenty of rain in between.

Let’s just say that Cleveland has seen more its share this summer. Rain is beneficial for obvious reasons but too much of it can cause flooding, which we experienced on two separate occasions here. When it rains too hard, too fast--or over a long period--our city’s storm drains can’t handle the influx, hence the back up and flooding.

We ended up purchasing our own Shop-Vac this time to swallow up the two-inch-deep pond on our basement carpeting. With strategically-placed room deodorizers and moisture absorbers peppered throughout the big room, along with the added support of open windows and lights and fans on 24/7, everything was finally dry…after a week of this regimen. Of course, it was nothing compared to other parts of the country, where cars, roads and homes were submerged in floodwaters, so I guess I can’t/shouldn’t/ mustn’t complain…but we had just one sunny day in June!

As you can imagine, many outdoor events were cancelled in these parts, including two local shows where I was to perform with my friend, Abe LaMarca. Boo! But BETWEEN the showers—and don’t take me lightly—I was able to squeeze in an outdoor photo shoot for my CD, take in an Indians Game, attend an excellent Kent State University performance of “A Little Night Music”, and play a little tennis. Where there's a will, there's a way!

And, in spite of the weather and a horrible case of bronchitis, with a cough that lingered for three long weeks, I was also able to continue to write and record for my soon-to-be released CD. Don’t hold your breath, but it’s almost complete!

I also enjoyed turning up, with other fans, at Jim Brickman’s book/CD release of “Smooth”, at our local bookstore. When he spotted me, he called me up to sing “Destiny” with him—just like old times. Earlier that week, I had been a guest on his radio show, which is always a kick. It had been a while since we had gotten together, and as I often say, it’s always fun to see Jim.

On the last day of June, Ed and I celebrated 31 years of marriage and that too is always fun—can I still say it seems like yesterday?

So it IS summertime, and the living IS easy, but it sure would be nice to have some dry, sunny days to match the season, don’t you think?

By the way, it’s July, and I can hear the rain coming down as I write this entry…