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As I write, it is 32 degrees out and snowing—and today should have been the opening game for our “boys-of-summer” Cleveland Indians! Needless to say, the game has been postponed to a later date.

Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason to the weather: March in Cleveland felt more like May or June this year. The winter was so mild and all the spring flowers were in bloom, weeks in advance. Such a treat.

I enjoyed being home this month--no travel involved. And I must admit, I’ve loved watching my Smooth Jazz hit, “Who’s Gonna Baby You”, remain in the top 20 for over 12 straight weeks!
Plus I have another single, “The Moment You Were Mine”, in the top 40, and climbing the charts as we speak.

I am so grateful to Jim Brickman, for having me as a guest on his radio show to promote my music. Not only was our interview aired but he also featured me in his “Artist Spotlight” which included bits of the interview as well as every song from my CD, “Deeper.” We had such fun and took advantage of being together to tape liners for his show.

What's more, Jim has played “The Moment You Were Mine” on his radio show every week since, which I so much appreciate. It’s always a thrill hearing my songs on the radio. I never get tired of it-- who would?

The end of the month brought the Easter holiday, for which I hosted a small gathering for mom, my sister, Wendy, and her Mike, along with my Ed and Zach. But first, we all attended a beautiful Easter mass, lead by our fabulous pastor, Father Tom, with music provided by the incredible Jim Carr, who has leant his voice and guitar to a couple of my concerts, and our wonderful children’s choir.

After church, we re-grouped at our house for the late-afternoon dinner I had planned. My brother, Geoff, who passed away a little over a year ago, was deeply missed. These special occasions really tug at our heart strings, making his absence all the more poignant. Geoff loved every holiday, the festive family dinners that accompany them…

Otherwise the month gently rode its course. Ed and I took in a couple of movies, dined out with friends and I was able to attend my yoga / fusion classes on a regular basis… I loved March—I don’t know about you, but I say routine can be soothing!