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Hi Anne

WOW!!! What a concert!!! I am go glad that we attended your concert at Cain Park, and it was great to see you again, as it has been a while. I thought you looked absolutely beautiful on stage, very relaxed and totally in command of yourself and your group. You gave me the impression that you were thoroughly enjoying yourself and happy to be on stage. Maybe it was because it was your show and your music, but I have never seen or heard you better or enjoyed you more. You were a beautiful performer, an accommplished vocalist and outstanding entertainer in a beautiful setting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so glad to be there. I look forward to more concerts like this one, or anything that you do for that matter. Thank you so much.

God bless


Dear Anne,

Thank you:

- for a beautiful concert - for setting a perfect example of how women can achieve ALL the desires in their heart - for touching hearts with your *voice and *lyrics, *powerful stuff! - for honoring yourself and with the Gift God gave you. - for reminding us to give and BE all that we can , the best that we can, because we can! Congratulations on your successful evening @ Cain Park! Sincerely,

Anne Marie

Dear Anne...


The show was ABSOLUTELY spectacular! We loved every minute of it! The electricity coming from the stage was amazing. The sparks were flying and Tracy was smokin' on that violin! And you!.....I can't begin to describe how magnificent you sounded! And "your" band...they were so awesome! And the weather held out! although...there was a minute or two there in the hotel where I was starting to wonder when those clouds passed over!

Linda {the other Linda !} loved your show. Which I knew she would!

Love ya!


Hi Anne,

Thank u for a great concert and a beautiful night... Thank u for being u.. Your have a beautiful voice and a beautiful personality.. Your so gracious and generous with your time to do what u did after the concert.



Hi Anne,

What a great show last nite! How great that you're living your dream!"



Hi Anne!

I just wanted to tell you that my husband, David and I had a great time at your concert! And thank you for taking the time to talk with us and take pictures with us! Also, I just gave me dad the autographed program book tonight and he really anjoyed it - so thank you!



P.S. What an awesome surprise that Jim Brickman was one of your guests! We go to ALL of his concerts!

Hi Anne,

Congratulations on a wonderful concert last night. We all really enjoyed the show and Jim is right, your voice is better than ever. I loved the song choices and the little vignettes that you told about each of them. Thanks again for a very enjoyable evening.



Wow! You guys really out did yourselves at the Niagara Fallsview Avalon Theater. Both shows were fabulous. Everyone was excellent, and on their game. And Anne, you looked as good as you sang, phenomenal! As always!

I loved your duets with Mark, as well as your solo "standards." Tracy Silverman was awesome as well.

I'm sure you all must have enjoyed and appreciated performing with a full string section and band. The songs and arrangements were wonderful and magnificent. As you said - soaring! What a treat!

Thanks for two truly great nights of performances. I'm sure that's an experience you'll remember for quite some time. I literally woke up this morning with "What The World Needs Now" playing in my head. What a great closing song. I've been singing it to myself all day. And I'll be singing it soon at my next gigs.

Take care of yourself my friend, and be well. God Bless!

Bob Orlowski