Anne Cochran Latest Tour Dates
April 16, 2004

On the air!

Anne Cochran sparkles on Cleveland's Studio 3, TV3's popular late-morning format!

Monday, April 12th, Anne wrapped up a promising debut as host Fred Griffith’s “other half”, filling in for Hollie all last week ! The pair got along beautifully and opened each morning with a warm-up chat before interviewing (via satellite) celebs such as Donald Trump, Miss USA or Liv Tyler for her new movie, "Jersey Girl”... they even caught Jim Brickman basking on the beach in Florida ! And one morning they invited Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones in for a live chat…

The second half of the show was devoted to fashion, sports and hands-on cooking segments with an array of guest specialists. On her second day on the air, Anne discovered the makings of a special Passover dish, ably guided by Fred's wife Linda, a published author of gourmet cookbooks!

Friday, a polished Anne was practically on her own (ex-“Average Joe” Michael Cardamone tried filling in for Fred, busy touring a chocolate bunny factory!). In closing, she sang a favorite track from her "Lucky Girl" CD, "I Wish I Could" live…and triggered a goose-bump epidemic among listening moms and TV crew!

Anne slipped into this new role with all the warmth and curiosity that make her such a natural. “Everyone was great to me and I felt more comfortable each day. And I really enjoyed working with Fred, meeting all the interesting guests and learning from them,” she confides. But the cherry on the cake was when Fred Griffith told Andrea Vecchio (the show’s producer), "Let's have Anne back soon” !