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June 15, 2004

A fairy tale and more

Rosalynn Sumners' April wedding was all a fairy tale should be and more. La Quinta provided a breathtaking setting and the sun shone bright all three days (100°degrees!). Warm-up cocktails Friday night gathered nearly 200 guests, including sports legends Kristi Yamaguchi, Katarina Witt, Chris Evert and Scott Hamilton at Arnold Palmer’s wonderful restaurant.

While many golfed and relaxed late Saturday afternoon, Anne was at rehearsal, followed by an intimate dinner with the wedding party. She was able to visit with old friends from the skating world and enjoyed getting to know Bob’s two delightful twenty-something boys, also his best men at the wedding.

Rosalynn and Bob made a point of introducing Anne and sharing the story of how “After All These Years” first became Rosalynn’s “Stars On Ice” farewell tour theme because it said so much about how she felt about the couple’s long-standing love for each other. Anne then learned that the song was not only the wedding song, but had actually become the theme of the wedding itself! A proud moment!

On the big day, April 25th, blonde, blue-eyed Roz was luminous: her halter bodice, worked with shimmering pearl and rhinestone beading, melted into the simplest flow of ivory satin down to the floor, setting off her honeyed tan. A self-proclaimed “Lucky Girl” in her drift of a veil, she was serenely stunning. And though not expecting quite such heat, Anne was glad she had also chosen a cool backless top for her floor-length, inky flowered silk dress (she looked pretty fantastic herself!).

At the reception that followed, the food was gorgeous to look at and to savor- with the chocolate fondue fountain a special Anne (chocolate-addict) high-point! The Cochrans were seated with Jim, Chris Evert, Scott Hamilton, designer Jef Billings…which made for a very lively table. After dinner, Anne and Jim (who zoomed in the day of the wedding for sound check) launched the first dance with “The Gift” and got everyone on the floor, where they danced beneath the stars to a live band till 2!

Bob and Roz did a truly outstanding job of making sure all their guests had a perfectly charmed weekend: May they live happily ever after!