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January 1, 2005

“Someone Is Missing At Christmas” : A true story

A true story...

Thinking about a first Christmas without his sister, Patricia, inspired Cleveland composer John Chaffee to write “Someone Is Missing At Christmas.” He found renewed hope and comfort in putting the song together and felt he could reach out to others feeling the same loss.
When approached to listen to the project in demo form last summer, mutual friend Bernie Kimble, program director of The Wave radio, immediately thought of Anne and recommended that John contact her to sing the song. And so she did, with all her heart.
Recorded in August, released in November, the single is encountering well-deserved success. “Someone Is Missing At Christmas” is being played around the clock on radios across the country to popular demand, touching people missing their own loved ones this holiday season. Only available at Cleveland Borders stores, from John Chaffee at and also from Anne’s site, as a complementary track to accompany her shining holiday CD "This Is The Season", all proceeds from sales of the single go to The American Breast Cancer Society, in loving memory of John’s sister.
Among the fabulous response and many wonderful emails sent to Anne from all over, “Someone Is Missing At Christmas” triggered this warm note from Susan M, a music therapist and grief counselor :
"Thanks for recording Someone is Missing at Christmas. I heard it on The Fish in Cleveland and they directed me to the website to purchase it...I plan to use it …at a holiday remembrance service in Lakewood. I am sure it will touch many hearts. I also checked out your website. How fun you are! I think I will order your latest CD just for me."

Source: annesfans