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October 5, 2005

Pink Ribbon Challenge

Itís National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and on behalf of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Iím urging you to get involved and take the Pink Ribbon Challenge. The Pink Ribbon Challenge requires just few seconds of your day, itís free, and your participation will help provide mammograms for women with little or no access to health care. Take this challenge today: visit and click on the pink ribbon. Your clicks translate into dollars that will fund mammograms for minority, low-income, homeless and working-poor women. Click today and every day this October Ė as each click contributes to this unique fundraising program. Breast cancer strikes one in eight women, yet for many, their awareness of breast cancer and opportunity for help is limited. Help these women in need detect the disease before itís too late. Take the Pink Ribbon Challenge and give the gift of early breast cancer detection! Click on the pink ribbon at today and every day this October.