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January 8, 2006

Holiday Tour fan reviews and “Someone” stories to share

Our favorite reviewers, Anne’s fans, were inspired contributors throughout the tour…here’s a small sampling of mail triggered by performances in Indianapolis, Madison and Cleveland, followed by several of many poignant reactions to "Someone Is Missing At Christmas".

From Beth G of Terre Haute, IN 1/01/06:
“I had to drop you a line after attending the Holiday Concert in Indianapolis…I'm still smiling! What a wonderful evening!

My Christmas this year had been very sad until that Friday night at the Murat. A cousin of mine had been helicoptered to a critical care center the week before Christmas and remained in grave condition on Friday night. Knowing I needed to take a break from the hospital, a good friend asked me to attend the concert. I reluctantly said yes since Indianapolis is…about 70 miles from my home...

With Jim's first note, I was transformed to a peaceful place. The music helped heal my sad heart and allowed me to relax for the first time in a long while. When you took the stage, I was blown away by your voice and felt like I was really experiencing a Christmas miracle. I was the girl in the green sweater in the front row, crying throughout your show! Not tears of sadness though, they were tears of joy and hope! Tracy and Mike were awesome as well. You all sound so great together and really make the audience feel your love for the music…

Thanks Anne, for bringing me some holiday happiness. I'll see you again at one of your shows to be sure!”

From Nancy of Madison, WI 12/29/05:

"Just wanted to tell you again how wonderful the concert was…in Madison. You sounded absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful voice! You had me puddling up by the end of the first line of "Someone is Missing...". You and Mike sounded stunning together and the harmonies with you all were just spectacular. I can't tell you how much we loved it. The gentle teasing and great stories and obvious affection you all hold for each other, came through in the most wonderful, warm way…
Thank you again for spending your holiday away from your family to make ours that much more special…”

From Steve S of Parma, Ohio 1/3/06:
“You probably don't remember me, but ... I contacted you last year after the Cleveland concert ...It was about your song, "Someone Is Missing At Christmas". I told you about the sentimental value it had regarding my aunt who passed. I was so happy to see that you were able to sing it at this year's concert. As soon as my wife and I knew it was coming, she began to cry. She and my aunt were your biggest fans! They saw you and Jim at every concert for years. Since my aunt died, I fill in for her...I now too am a big fan. We saw you at your first "solo" concert this past year and thought you were fantastic. Well, enough of my rambling. I just want to tell you how you have touched our lives in such a positive way.

Keep up the good work and hope to see you in concert again real soon.”

And on or offstage, "Someone Is Missing" continued to console…

From tammi 12/15/05:
"the song someone is missing at christmas is beautiful i think of my husband who was killed 17 months ago. every time i hear the song it brings memories of him. thank you."

From Robin C 12/18/05:
"Thank you for this song! This is the most beautiful and appropriate song I have heard. I lost my Mom this past summer. It was just 2 days before my wedding and 3 days before her birthday. We went on with the wedding and life went on in spite of a funeral in the middle of it all. I never really had time to grieve and the holidays have been hard. I heard your song just a few minutes ago and was brought to tears. It said all that I have been feeling and was afraid to say out loud. I thank you for helping me to express all that I feel in my heart and how even though we are not with those who mean so much to us…they will always live on inside of us. Again thank you. I don't ordinarily do things like this and seek out someone but in this case I needed to tell you what you have done for me this Christmas and I hope you have all the success with this that you deserve. I think this will be a hit. It is with me, that's for sure."

From Trisha of Hewitt, NJ 12/24/05:
"I was driving this afternoon...and heard for the first time..."Someone is Missing". Man, did that song hit home.

You see, this holiday is a very hard one for my family. Jan 1, 2005 my 19 yr. old nephew was killed in Iraq.The last time any of us talked to him was Dec 24. He assured all of us that he would be spending the following Christmas with us.

That was a promise that he was never able to keep.

When I heard this song, I knew that I needed to get a copy… I can assure you that that song will be listened to all year long. Because Brian is always in our hearts and in our thoughts.

Thank you for recording a beautiful song and thank Mr Chaffe for remembering his sister in such a special way.”

From Nick R of Rootstown 12/27/05:
“I am writing to tell you that my family and I really enjoy your song, "Someone Is Missing At Christmas." ... My father passed away this past March, so this was the first Christmas without my father. On Christmas Eve - as my mother, brother and I were heading home from the cemetery (after wishing dad a Merry Christmas) - we heard your song. I cried like a baby for five minutes after it ended! It is the most beautiful song we have ever heard, and it touched our hearts this year.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful music.”