Anne Cochran Latest Tour Dates
February 8, 2006

1/31 - 2/5 :The Valentine Cruise

A charming captain and crew, a beautifully appointed ship and pretty wonderful weather added to high spirits aboard the Valentine Cruise. An exceptional group of romantics joined Anne and Jim on board January 31 - February 5, making the voyage perfect in every way. Anne will tell all in her Thoughts next month but until then, here’s some fun feedback from fans who were there !

From Amber W:
I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciated your participation in the cruise that brought so many people together for an opportunity that I believe is rare in today's society. The chance to not only enjoy you and Jim's wonderful musical contributions, but to interact with you both, your supporting staff and family was priceless and very heartfelt. I feel that I walked away with so much. Not only did I make new friendships that I believe will be lifelong, my husband and I got the chance to just celebrate our life together. It's kind of funny, he didn't really know anything about you or Jim other than he was tagging along with me for a cruise. He walked away expressing his appreciation for type of people you and all the above mentioned are, true and real. Thanks again.

From Teresa and Trent W of Pennsylvania:
"We had such a lovely time on the cruise, and we were so blessed to have a couple opportunities to talk with you. You are so down to earth, and it was amazing to see how accessible you were to the fans. Your voice is simply amazing, your stage presence is beautiful, your wit is so delightful, and the friendship and loyalty that you and Jim share together is truly beautiful. We may not be typical fans who do the whole autograph and picture thing, but we were deeply touched that week. We'd love it if you could forward this to Jim so that he hears our thanks also.

Music is a really important part of our lives -- Trent (my husband) and I met on a singing tour when we were 19 and 21, and we have been singing together ever since. Once we married and had children, we spent 5 years on the road full time, traveling the country and Canada performing our concerts in churches. We lived in our motor home so we can really respect your life on the road. Trent developed nodules on his vocal chords and lost much of his range and vocal strength. We had to come off the road, and we were thankful to have a hairdressing background together also, and that's the life we share now.

Now we love to see our daughters perform -- they are 13 and 15. They attend the Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, and if we can't sing and perform anymore, we love to see that "torch" passed on.

Don't quite know why I shared all of that. I guess I just wanted you to know that we share a love for the art of singing and communicating a song, and we respect your talent and passion so much.

Thanks again for helping to make the cruise so special."

From Teri and Mark H:
“ I just had to write and tell you again how happy my husband & I were that you joined Jim on the cruise. It really would not have been the same without you.
As always, we enjoyed your singing, and your solo concert was an extra special treat especially for Mark. While I listen to your CDs regularly, he has really only heard you sing at the concerts weve been to. (BTW, tell Jim he needs to let you sing more songs!!!) We both want you to know that if you EVER do a solo concert anywhere near Hartford, we will be the first to buy the tickets, so be sure to let us know! And when your Broadway dream comes true, well be there to cheer you on.

It was also so neat to spend time with you (everyone else too) by the pool just relaxing. It was so cool that you were all just hanging around like you were one of us. I think that is part of what makes you & Jim so special. Even my husband is talking about - and looking forward to - the next trip!! J

My husband writes haiku, and he wrote this one just for you :

Valor with Anne sings
Tears fall after all these years
Today even still

I hope you like it!!!
Thanks again for making the week extra special!!!“

From Rae T of Hagerstown, MA:
“Just wanted to let you know how much K and I enjoyed seeing you and hearing you on the Valentine Cruise. We had not seen you in concert before and believe me when I say, we were truly impressed by not only your singing but how down to earth you are. We really enjoyed the "bantering" that you and Jim do. It really livens up an event. It's nice that you're such good friends and take all the teasing in stride. We look forward to seeing you again soon, we live only 30 miles from Frederick Maryland and we hope to make it to your concert at the Weinberg Center in May. Thanks again for adding such a personal touch to our cruise. By the way, we were one of the three couples to dance on stage after the vow renewal and you sang our favorite song, After All These Years, thank you so much for giving our vow renewal that extra something for us to remember always."

From David T:
“Thank you again for your wonderful talent and friendship this last week on
the cruise. C and I both feel blessed to be able to share this
experience with you, Jim, and 300 of our new friends :-) it really was a
great time. “

From Tara R
"What an incredible voice you have. I loved your solo concert -
your singing, your background stories and your choices of songs were all
wonderful. What I also really appreciated was your personality, your
friendliness, and your fun-loving nature. For you to come down and help
the gentleman during Karaoke spoke volumes about you. You are an
incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. I look forward to
seeing you again someday on Broadway, if not before at another Jim
Brickman concert, an Anne Cochran concert, or another cruise..."