Anne Cochran Latest Tour Dates
March 17, 2007

Hometown Valentine’s Day (in March!) a triumph!

An enraptured crowd of 2,000 gathered at Cleveland’s State Theater, March 16th, for what they are saying was the best show ever. A luminous Anne wowed in gowns of satin or silk, and made fabulous music with Jim and Tracy…and Colin Raye.
The perfectly matched pair’s duets of “The Gift” and “I Wish I Could” dazzled like flawless diamonds, with power and control and harmony in all the right places. Anne’s “Simple Things”, in memory of Cleveland’s Gerald Levert, took on new meaning. And her stand-up improv to questions from the audience brought comic relief.
“Never Alone” “After All These Years”: “Your Love”, Cleveland, is decidedly key to Anne Cochran’s “Destiny”!

Source: annesfans