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March: In like a lamb and out like a...cupcake! 4/12/2017
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Here I am, long overdue, even if March was quiet on the professional front, with no performances. After a busy Holiday and Valentine touring season with Jim, it was a welcome break.

To put this “parentheses” to good use, I’ve been re-energizing with tri-weekly yoga/fusion classes. And reconnecting socially. We enjoyed many lunch and dinner engagements in March: from Sunday brunches at Crop Bistro with friends Jessica and Brian, and later in the month, with new friends, Brian and Cathy…to a Turkish dinner and a Pulitzer-prize winning play, “The Flick”, with Hal and Susan.There was even a business-cum-pleasure meal, hosted by our friend, Andy, and a business dinner at Capitol Grill, where new friendships blossomed.

In the middle of the month, we also attended a fun party, hosted by friends, Marian and Glenn, in honor of their daughter, her husband and their son and newest family addition, Peyton, visiting from Canada.

Not to minimize these very pleasant events, I have to say the high point was the 30th, when my darling niece and her precious 3-year-old arrived from France for a visit with us. I had not seen them since last May, when my husband and I visited France and Italy. My sister, Wendy, and I picked them up from the airport and our little “rosebud”, who speaks little English, greeted me with a big smile and a big hug. She remembered me!!

When we arrived home, in spite of jet lag and over twelve hours of travel time, in a burst of energy, this little sprite with her bouncing crown of curls ran up and down the stairs countless times, to bring down her dollies and books and toys and to show me the gifts that they had brought for us. She was so excited to be here!

The following morning, I awoke to her little footsteps in the hallway, outside my bedroom. We had breakfast together and played with the “Frozen” coloring book and markers I had gotten for her. She is adorable! And felt comfortable enough to speak to me non-stop, as if I understood her animated flow of French—she had so much to say! Soon after, her sleepy maman joined us and translated for us, giving me greater insight into the hilarious sense of humor and personality of this little person.

Around lunch time Wendy joined us with her granddaughter, also age 3. At first a bit shy, the girls soon hit it off and made a great pair. Although neither could fully “understand” the other, they got along just fine.

As a first activity, we made cupcakes together, with the little girls pouring ingredients in the bowl and taking turns with the electric mixer, followed by sharing dolls and toys and playing dress-up with my high heels (already a favorite with Wendy’s granddaughter every time she comes over!).

Later that day, the rest of the family joined us. Ten in all, we dined on my homemade lentil soup, kale salad and, ta-daaa, the yummy result of our baking atelier: chocolate swirl cupcakes! The girls were so proud!

Sorry to leave you dangling, but you will have to wait for further details of their visit, in my next entry…