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Bunko comes full circle, Donny, and other stories 9/5/2017
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August opened with a fun bunko at my friend Betsy’s house. The game is quite amusing, but we all know the real attraction is catching up with the gals!

The following Saturday, my hubby and I attended an elegant wedding at the historic Shoreby Club, on Lake Erie. We were greeted with flutes of champagne on arrival, which definitely set the mood. It was a gorgeous day. The lake was calm, with the sun sparkling on the slightest ripple: the perfect setting for an outdoor ceremony. After the exchange of vows, we celebrated the darling couple beneath a beautiful, high-ceilinged tent. The balmy evening was infused with touching toasts, good conversation, a wonderful dinner and lots of dancing.

The following week my sister and I re-united with our Denver friend, Brianna. A fantastic photographer, she also travels the US tirelessly for her work with organ donor organizations. Our “quick lunch” turned into a visit to the ER, a trip to the police station, a Chinese dinner and a sleepover! In a nutshell, Brianna’s car had been hit from behind the day before, but she was really feeling the effects the next day. After securing medical care for her strained muscles, I drove her to the Cleveland police station to file her report. We then gathered at my sister’s for a yummy Chinese take-out dinner I picked up on the way. Our good-byes said, Brianna spent the night at my sister’s. The next morning she drove to Detroit to catch her flight back home to Denver. She is so lovely. Though we would have all preferred a different reason why, my sister and I savored the extra time with her.

On the 18th of August, Ed and I joined my good friend, Rosalyn Sumners (yes, that Rosalyn Sumners), and her darling husband for a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Moxie. I always look forward to seeing Roz, unfortunately only once or twice a year. She is sweet, fun and so interesting. We had a great time!

Monday, August 21, was the day of the Total Solar Eclipse. Since Cleveland was not going to experience the total eclipse (we had only 80% coverage), we watched on television as Charleston, SC, went dark for a couple of minutes. Although we couldn’t witness it firsthand, it was very cool to see the effect on TV. That evening, with the sun and the moon in their usual spots again, we had dinner out with some of Ed’s old high school buddies, visiting from Seattle and Salt Lake City.

A few days later came a very special cookout at the new home of our dear friends, Ron and Kristy. Kristy introduced us all to bunko 25 years ago when they moved here from Lafayette, Louisiana. They moved to Columbus eight years ago, for career reasons...and moved back to Cleveland two weeks ago. Though we never lost touch, we’re so glad to have them in our midst again. Their wonderful cook-out was just like old times!

At the end of the month, my husband and I went to see my old friend and touring partner, Donny Osmond, who had a show with his sister, Marie, at The Hard Rock Casino here. Cleveland was the last stop on their tour, and what a show they delivered! Donny gave us terrific seats and we were entertained for almost two hours. Both Osmonds are so talented…and work so well together. Donny is such a great singer AND dancer. But I already knew that--it’s no wonder he won “Dancing With The Stars.”

After the show, we met up with Donny’s tour manager, Cassie, who had also toured with us a couple of years ago, as production manager for Jim Brickman. She gave us backstage passes and directed us to the meet & greet. When it was my turn, Donny exclaimed “Anne!” with such warmth, and gave me the biggest hug. It had been eight years since our last meeting in Las Vegas! Though it was a brief reunion, we reminisced about the fun we had on the two Brickman holiday tours we shared. He is such a lovely man and so down to earth… It was great to see him again.

The last day of the month was spent with new friends we made in Puerto Rico, last year, who happen to live right here in Cleveland. They had us to their gorgeous home for a wonderful dinner back in July. It was our turn to reciprocate, so we treated them to dinner at Crop Bistro. Former educators, they are very nice people. We all enjoyed a delightful evening!

Otherwise, I took lots of invigorating walks with my sister, attended regular yoga classes with Joni, visited my 92-year old mother almost daily, and enjoyed a few movie date nights and some great Netflix series with my man.

There were no music gigs this month, but I’ve had some new songwriting ideas filling my head. Hmmm, we’ll see where that leads…

And that’s all for August. Until next time, let's wish for plenty of those hazy, golden days leading up to fall!