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When Autumn Leaves Turn to Gold... 11/12/2018
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On the 2nd of October, joining our eldest son on break from "Star Trek Discovery", my future daughter-in-law flew into Cleveland. I already love Cait like a daughter and was so excited to have them both home for a week.

It was my turn to host Bunko, and I suggested Cait play in my place, while I shadowed her. It was fun floating from table to table as a non-player and seeing my friends get to know and appreciate her too!

The wedding of my son’s high school friend, Matt, and his betrothed, Haley, took place that Friday. Sean has officiated the wedding ceremonies of several friends, but this was the first time my husband and I got to witness him in this role! He officiated and conducted the entire ceremony, with funny stories from the boys’ high school days, how Matt met Haley, when Sean met Haley, etc. He wrote the whole scenario, the vows…and found two beautiful readings for Cait and good friend Pat to read. His approach was brilliant: loving, tender and funny (just like him), with clever wording and impeccable delivery. Can you tell we were glowing? It was a beautiful wedding, totally enjoyed by all present!

The weekend continued with parties and football games, providing multiple occasions to catch up with our son’s friends…and their parents, whom we used to see regularly when our boys were in school together. It was a nostalgic, fun few days.

In a flash, the visit of our California kids came to a close. We drove them to the airport and said our goodbyes, but only for a month, as we would see them again in LA, in November.

The following weekend, Ed and I attended a dinner party with a fall theme, at the home of our friends, Vanessa and Harold. We were joined by, Craig and Barb (do you recognize our four travel pals to Reykjavik, Paris and Copenhagen this summer?), and made some new ones, as well. The food was wonderful and the indoor/outdoor autumn party was a lovely idea!

A week later, the same gang gathered at Nighttown, to see our old friend and percussionist, Jamey Haddad. Recently on tour with Paul Simon, Jamey is an internationally known master jazz man..and also a professor at Oberlin College. We had watched him perform with Paul on “Saturday Night Live”, only the week before.

At Nighttown, he and six other musicians, performed the compositions of fellow band brother, saxophonist Billy Drewes. It was a showcase for their straight ahead jazz CD, “Under One Sun.” These guys are phenomenal. They blew me away with their talent and skills! The songs are fantastic!

The next day was my sister Wendy’s birthday. I planned a fun and relaxing night out for her with two very dear friends. Our foursome celebrated over delicious middle-Eastern cuisine. And Wendy thoroughly enjoyed her evening!

At the end of the week, Wendy and I attended an original play starring our friend, Julia Kolibob. Wendy knew Julie in high school, and I got to know her when we were theatre students at CWRU. We collaborated on several projects when I was an undergraduate and she a grad. Then and now, she is incredibly talented, no matter what role she tackles. I love watching her act and she is always superb.

The next evening, we attended a Halloween party at the home of new friends, Jean and Jimmy. They have had an annual party for the past 25 years, but this was our first time. They decorate inside and out, and it is quite a sight! I wanted to be adventurous with our disguises but that would have required that Ed wear a suit. Let’s just say he did not go for the idea. But Cowboy & Cowgirl Cochran had a blast! There was a live band in their living room and we danced the night away!

The following week we met Ed’s brother and sister-in-law, for pizza, to hear about their road trip through Italy and Eastern Europe; and savored a scrumptious meal with our dear friend, Andy, a few days later. Food and conversation are always a good match!

Which brings me to the end of October… The autumn leaves have turned to gold
and that wonderful time of year is about to begin all over again! I’m gearing up for the holiday tour, starting November 22nd : rehearsals, and wardrobe and turkey planning, check!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, everyone!