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Motown, Mom and More... 6/10/2019
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Motown, Mom and More...

May started off with a show in the Cleveland area—Valley View, to be exact. The quirky “Motown, Mom and More…” title tried to say it all. “More...” included dinner and dancing, for example. And once Abe and I hit the scene with our seven-piece band and a Motown songbook our favorite from the 60’s and 70’s, the dance floor was packed and we had a total blast!

The following evening, my husband and I welcomed our Atlanta friends Bill and Shirley, (two of the four who helped us celebrate Ed’s April birthday in Nashville). We had planned dinner at Saucy Brew Works, where we were met by Ed’s brother, his wife, daughter and fiancé, and a daughter-in-law. Our party of nine happily feasted on Saucy’s amazing pizza and salads, accompanied by their award-winning craft beer. After dinner, we walked down to Mitchell’s Ice Cream shop, for another Cleveland treat! A perfect night was enjoyed by all.

The next day was Mother’s Day. Ed and my youngest son treated me to a marvelous brunch at Crop Bistro. Of course, I missed the company of my eldest, but was happy to have my baby on hand. We then visited my mom in her nursing home. My sister met us there and we went for a beautiful stroll around the grounds, with Mom in her wheelchair. It was a lovely day and we moms enjoyed celebrating each other!

Monday, Ed and I picked up his brother on our way to Kent, OH, where we gathered for dinner with 30 other Streetsboro High School alumni. There were friends from various classes and we dined on a selection from Panini’s versatile menu. Dessert included homemade cheesecakes and a pistachio cake provided by a very talented baker from Ed’s class. Yet another enjoyable evening!

Meanwhile, throughout the month my sister and I continued to prepare our childhood home to be placed on the market. We seem to go in stages of emptying closets, moving furniture, recovering the memorabilia of all five siblings, plus bringing the house up to code with updated plumbing, electrical work, painting and all-around home improvements. It’s a huge job that many people experience, and we’re lucky to be able to do it gradually and at our own pace. Ah, the memories! The time has come now to turn the page and bid a fond farewell to the place where we all grew up, which has been our mother’s happy home for more than six decades.

With the weddings of our boys this year and the aforementioned family home project, I am finding that yoga contributes not only to my physical health, but to my mental balance as well. I have even added a new workout to my routine called CORUS45, a 45-minute, high-intensity, low-impact, total body program on a custom-designed, zero gravity machine. What a mouthful! And a predictably tough workout, but I’m determined to master it.

Towards the end of the month, Ed and I took time out to join good friends, Joe and Barb, and Mike and Margie for a fun dinner at, you guessed it, Saucy Brew Works, followed by a homemade dessert at Mitchell’s. Hmmm, do you see a pattern here?

We had booked Memorial Day weekend for The Indianapolis 500 again this year, with plans to cheer for rising star, Ryan Norman, in The Indy Lights race. Unfortunately, Ed had a business emergency which forced us to cancel. But we did follow Ryan’s race on television, and were thrilled to see him place second, just a nose behind the winner!

So that was May. Just think, it will be summer the next time I write--wishing carefree, sun-filled days to all, until then!