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As summer draws to a close...... 9/12/2019
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On August 2nd, while our eldest son was celebrating his birthday in Los Angeles, my husband and I were partying with friends here in Cleveland. Mark and Sue were in from Chicago, and had organized a get-together at a restaurant here in town. They included six local friends, as well as another old high school friend, visiting from Los Angeles, for an informal reunion. We who live just 20 minutes away from each other have every intention of keeping in touch, but it takes a special visit from our out-of-town friends who live a few hundred miles away to gather us together! And we were so glad they did. It was a wonderful evening for enjoying each other’s company and sharing news.

There were also a couple of dinners out with just the girls. On one of those evenings my friend, Lynn, joined my sister, Wendy, and me once again for a picnic dinner at Pinecrest Village. The draw was The Diamond Project, a fun Neil Diamond cover band. You may recall that our friend, Raine, is one of the group’s singers, which only added to the pleasure of a gorgeous summer evening.

Our monthly Bunko evening, this month hosted by Dawn, was the excuse for the other dinner:the prelude to our favorite dice game. I didn’t win a thing that evening, but it’s also about seeing the gals, isn’t it? Next month, it’s my turn to host!

Ed and I enjoyed a couple of dinners with family and friends at LockKeepers, where it was nice enough to sit outside on their beautiful deck. Nestled between two waterways, it overlooks the Cuyahoga River and the Erie Canal.

Towards the end of the month, we attended a memorial service for Mrs. Mary Ong. She was the wife of John Ong, who, among his many positions, served as US Ambassador to Norway from 2002 to 2005. Closer to us, he was instrumental in my husband’s acceptance into Harvard University. Although the occasion was a sad one, it was a true honor for me to meet the gentleman who had helped my husband at an important crossroads in his young life. I was also impressed by the many accomplishments of his dear wife, which were highlighted by her three children in their moving testimonial, and in the eulogy pronounced by the clergy.

August was also the scene of rehearsals with my talented high school friend, Phil Kushner, who will be accompanying my performance at a benefit in Vandalia, OH, late October. We are really enjoying working together again. Details coming soon!

The month ended with several dinners at The Marble Room. You may recall my mentioning this fabulous restaurant set in the former lobby of a gorgeous, 100-year-old building located in downtown Cleveland. It is always a very special experience.

Need I mention my vital Pilates workouts (to burn off all those dinners!), yoga classes and daily visits to my mom? Last but not least, I’m planning another wedding: our youngest son is getting married in October!

Autumn is almost here, and I’m looking forward to the glorious colors of the season--how about you?