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Better late...remembering September 10/20/2019
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With all the pre-wedding craziness astir at our house, I forgot to post this! So here, at last, is remembering September…

…Starting with dinner at Jinous (eight months pregnant) and Hari’s home, on the first Sunday of the month. You may recall my speaking of our lovely friends (and inspired chefs) of Persian and Malaysian descent in the past. They have had us to their home several times. They make the most amazing chicken curries, beef and seafood dishes, and always send us home with more to enjoy the following days! And the pleasure of their company is equal to their cuisine!

Next it was my (once-yearly) turn to host Bunko. I set up the three game tables in my living room and prepared food and refreshments for the evening. The other months of the year are covered by our eleven other members, meaning that the rest of the time I just show up to play and enjoy the party, with no pressure! This September I had a lot going on, as you will see. The timing wasn’t ideal, but I was able to enjoy the party and catch up with the gals…always the best part.

The following day, my sister and I, along with a couple of professional movers, moved my mom to her new home. We had learned a few weeks earlier that, after a happy year in her very first nursing care facility, she needed to find a new one. Her current home was to close in a few months! In a fever, my sister and I researched and visited several nursing homes in the area. We settled on a lovely place near my son’s new home, the only drawback being that it’s a further drive for us. But Mom has settled in quite nicely. With her positive attitude and sharp mind, she is enjoying her new home and already has a few fans among the staff. She’s 94!

That Saturday, my son’s future mother-in-law and his bride-to-be’s maids of honor gave her a bridal shower. There were 40 family members and friends in attendance and we all enjoyed a marvelous lunch of chicken, pork chops, pasta, potatoes au gratin, green beans, salad and desserts. After which, we played bride-tailored games and then she gaily opened her gifts. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful party! Just think, next month I’ll be writing about their wedding…

On Sunday I attended a Cochran baby shower. My niece is expecting her first, a little girl, due in December. My sister-in-law (my niece’s mother-in-law) and her other daughter-in-law hosted this sweet party decorated with pink and yellow balloons, a darling three-tiered “cake” made of rolled baby diapers with a mouse topper and “HER” and “SHE” Hershey bars stamped in pink glitter. The yummy lunch consisted of turkey and chicken salad, croissant sandwiches, fresh vegetables, fruit, homemade sunshine butter cookies and cupcakes. There were fun games, post-lunch, and of course much oohing and aahing as my niece and nephew, opened the baby gifts. It was a delightful afternoon. And a full shower weekend!

The following week, I joined Abe and the band for a fundraiser, where we have performed for the last two years. The theme was a masquerade ball, so of course I arrived masked! It was a lovely event, and it was fun to see several old friends, whom I didn’t expect to see there.

The next day, Ed and I drove to Toronto, to visit our son who was on site for the filming of his “Star Trek: Discovery” episode, (CBS All Access) Season 3. His wife was also visiting too, so that was a major plus!

That evening, we got to know Michele Yeoh, aka Captain Phillipa Giorgiou, of the Star Trek cast, (she also starred in 007’s “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, and “Crazy Rich Asians”…) over a fabulous Croatian dinner at Yoso’s. Our son’s Director, Maja, who is of Croatian descent, greeted us with champagne and hugs. It was a lively, interesting evening, with sweet and beautiful Michele, and darling Maja. She and our son treated us to the scrumptious meal. After dinner, my son, his wife, my husband and I indulged in a little nightcap at our hotel and then it was off to bed! We were definitely feeling the fatigue of our early start and long drive that morning!

Saturday morning we gathered for brunch at Le Select Bistro, where we had celebrated Mother’s Day on a similar Toronto lot visit to our son in 2018. We were pleasantly surprised to be presented with Mimosas and Caesars (Canada’s own Bloody Mary drink), care of Crescenzo, the series’ Director of Photography, who couldn’t make it. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and then headed out for a walk on this 80-degree day. We walked in and out of shops running into various actors and production people from the show. What a small world! We don’t know a soul in Toronto but in this neighborhood we felt like locals…Star Trek locals, of course!

After many hours on foot, it was time for a nap before regrouping later for another meal. At around 6:30 we walked to a yummy Italian restaurant and then back to the hotel to see the Cleveland Browns lose to Los Angeles, boo. Oh well, it was fun just being together. Although an LA resident for the past nine years, and a New Yorker before that, our eldest “will be a Browns fan FOREVER”!

Monday, he had to be up at 6:30, but we drove to the set at around 11:00 to watch Maja direct a scene between Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin Green), Saru, (Doug Jones) and a new character. As many times as they ran the same scene, shooting various camera angles etc, it never got old for me. It’s so interesting to watch the actors deliver their lines, never the same way twice. Between scenes, my husband and I caught up with Sonequa, whom I’ve seen each time we’ve come to Toronto to visit our son. She is so talented and such a doll.

We also met the exuberant Director of Photography, who was behind those surprise cocktails at brunch the day before. He was charming and intense. It was fun watching him too! Before we knew it, we were breaking for lunch, a scrumptious Indian meal, catered by the set’s craft services.

After lunch, we dropped off our daughter-in-law at her hotel, said our goodbyes and were on the road back home. Minimal separation blues this time, as we would see them again in a couple of weeks, for our youngest son’s wedding in Cleveland.

Throughout September, I practiced yoga, took Pilates classes and prepared for THE wedding. We also enjoyed several dinners out with friends Elaine and Chuck, Joni and Paul, and Andy and Annie.
On the last weekend of the month, Ed and I attended a fundraiser with friends Hal and Susan. We drove down to Portage Lakes for a wonderful event in support of The Akron Rotary Camp for children with special needs. We took a ride on a pontoon boat, touring the lakes, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed a gourmet meal on the shores of one of the lovely lakes. It was a beautiful evening.

And on the last day of September, it was time for another Bunko! It was Susan’s turn. Her month is October. It’s always on the first Wednesday of the month, but as she was going to be out of town, she moved it up a couple of days. Another fun night to end this busy month!

And hey, I’ll be back…sooner than later. October’s been quite a whirl so far!