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Who's Gonna Baby You?


Anne continues to enjoy her soulful reunion with collaborator, Abe LaMarca who produced this new 10 song cd, by taking her "Deeper" into her vocal and creative vocabulary. This album shows a more intense side of her style that her fans will love. Anne co-wrote 5 of the songs and includes tracks written by Grammy winning songwriter, Tom Douglas, Beth Nielsen Chapman and fellow duet partner, Luke McMaster.

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Cleveland's Nighttown

Anne joins her talented collaborator and friend, Abe LaMarca, for one show at Cleveland's Nighttown, Friday, June 1, 2018. For tickets visit
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Anne and Abe

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Two of Hearts

Romantic Love Song Duets sung by powerhouse vocalists, Anne Cochran, ("After All These Years" ) and Super Bowl Champion Benjamin Utecht, who share their refreshing renditions of these 12 all-time favorites.


Anne's excited for her show at Cleveland's Nighttown, before taking a short break from touring, this summer. She'll back on the road before you know it!
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Our revolving game of Bunko falls on the first Wednesday of every month, and April was no exception. Vivacious Renee welcomed our group of friends to her beautiful home and, as always, it was great seeing everyone and chatting as we played this amusing dice game, four to a table. I was at the top of my form with seven games won, but lost out at tie-break—the dice just refused to cooperate from that moment on! But I walked away with a full tummy of yummies and chalked up another fun evening with the gals. Two days later, my Ed turned another ...