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Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

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Anne Cochran continues to enjoy her soulful reunion with collaborator and producer Abe LaMarca. Coming off the smooth jazz radio hit, "Rise and Shine", she goes "Deeper" into her vocal and creative vocabulary and shows a more intense side of her style that her fans will love.


Wishing everyone peace and unity in 2021

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Close To Me
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Close To Me

Sparkling gems with themes from a personal place.


Touring is still at a standstill, but Anne hopes that we can all get back to some normalcy and see each other very soon.
Please check back for updates.

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Happy 2021!

How time flies in The Covid Ageā€¦read on for my first diary entry since September of 2020! Since his birth last August 2nd, my husband and I were on stand-by to meet our first grandchild. We had made several plans to drive out to Los Angeles, but they all fell through. My recurring bouts of intestinal flu and other, non-health related complications arose like as many roadblocks between Ohio and California. Our last hope was a Thanksgiving reunion in Los Angeles. But at that point, Covid numbers kept increasing and travel was not advise ...