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Rise and Shine



Anne Cochran continues to enjoy her soulful reunion with collaborator and producer Abe LaMarca. Coming off the smooth jazz radio hit, "Rise and Shine", she goes "Deeper" into her vocal and creative vocabulary and shows a more intense side of her style that her fans will love.

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Anne joins Jim for a "Live By Request" livestream event

Anne joins Jim for a "Live By Request" livestream event, Friday, May 15, 9:00 pm EST. Tune into Jim Brickman Music on Facebook Live.
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Anne and Abe

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Close To Me

Sparkling gems with themes from a personal place, include"Wishing Well" written by Anne and co-authored and performed with Jim Brickman. Discover brilliant handcrafted collaborations by Anne and Tracy Silverman, who produced this cd in Nashville.


Touring is at a standstill during these uncertain times. Anne is scheduled to join Jim Brickman at Cain Park, August 2.
Please check back for updates.

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April and May

I’m definitely behind on my diary. The last two months have been filled with much of the same Covid 19 activities: working from home, working out at home and spending almost all of my time at home. If I venture out for an errand to the grocery store or drugstore, I always wear a mask. Not everyone does, which puzzles me, but what can I do? Although states and countries around the world are slowly opening up: gyms, beaches, restaurants, schools… there are many, especially the 70+, who prefer to adhere to the stay at home regulations. I d ...