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Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish

Anne’s gorgeous "Christmas Wish" encapsulates the time of the year that she loves most of all. All about sharing out the spirit of the season, "Christmas Wish", gathers old friends and cozy favorites, along with the classic, "The Christmas Song" and the new classic, "Light A Single Candle". Mirroring all the emotions that wash over us during the holidays, it stirs, too, with "Amazing Grace" in duet with Jim, and surprises with two wonderful originals: the title track, upbeat "Christmas Wish", and a just-right love song, "Joy in Our World".

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New Year's Eve Nighttown

Anne and Abe are back at Nighttown, with 2 shows, on NYE. For tickets please visit .
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Anne and Abe

Valentine's Weekend 2020 November 12, 2019
Support Anne October 25, 2019
Happy Summer! July 12, 2019

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Anne Cochran continues to enjoy her soulful reunion with collaborator and producer Abe LaMarca. Coming off the smooth jazz radio hit, "Rise and Shine", she goes "Deeper" into her vocal and creative vocabulary and shows a more intense side of her style that her fans will love.


Anne is joining her friend, Jim Brickman, for his Christmas Celebration Tour, with stops all over the U.S.
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November turned out to be month with plenty to be thankful for. Friendship and good food for starters. The month opened with The Annual NeCastro Cook-Off, the savory invention of dear friends of ours. You may remember last year’s theme was chili, and I proudly won 1st Place!!! This year, a merry band of 10 competed for best soup. This time I didn’t even place, with what I thought was a pretty amazing red lentil. Hmmm, better luck next year... The following week, I was in “Christmas Celebration Tour” mode with Jim Brickman, as his gue ...